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DragonCon Schedule

Just an FYI that the full D*Con schedule should be up on their site by Wednesday night;  it will probably just be a tentative schedule, but this way everyone will be able to start planning their weekend . 

Only 10 days left!
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LotR Parade Group

Howdy folks!

I am the Parade liasion for the Middle Earth section of the Parade.
It will be very easy to spot me this year, as I will be Frodo-in-a-Wheelchair. I plan on being at the park at 9:30 with many costumed fans in tow. We have a main banner for the group, and please feel free to bring any flags/banners with your group's name on it, if you like.

As of right now, I have about thirty marchers on my list. Please let me know if I need to add you to my count.

The morning of the parade, we will gather at 9 AM in the Hyatt Lobby by the restaurant, to walk together to Woodruff Park. Please feel free to join us. :)

~Melissa (Fiver)
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A note from the track director!

The schedule is online.  I forgot to add the panelists when I was adding the descriptions and will be working on that this weekend.

To answer some questions:

  • Anne Petty's panel is "The Eagles are Coming!"
  • "Sidekicks" is the joint Brad and Sean panel.
  • "The Last Pages are For You" is Kiernan Kelly and several other authors.  Be patient and I will get them up on the website.
  • "The Lure of the Ring" is Constance Wagner.
  • I will be better able to tell you what Peter Beagle is going to talk about at 4:00pm on Saturday, August 30.  Sorry, he gets to talk about whatever he talks about.  If you do not know who he is, he wrote "The Last Unicorn" as well as the screenplay for the Bashki annimated version of "Lord of the Rings".
  • We are back in the Marriott this year.  We have been assigned rooms L506 - L507 which is the lobby level of the Marriott.
  • We will be checking into the recording devices question but I believe you can use everything mentioned.  We plan on videoing all the panels this year.
  • Sadly, the Elvish Panel is the first panel after the parade this year.  However, it was at the request of Elfstone, who is doing the panel for us.

I apologize that the schedule is not entirely online yet however, the schedule may yet change.  My entire tentative schedule should be live by Sunday night, panelists, rooms and all.

I can't believe there are only 2 weeks to go.  See you all on Friday, August 29th!

Jean Baughman
Director, Tolkien's Middle Earth
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Question re recording sessions

Could you give us information as to what sorts of recording devices will be permitted at the Tolkien track's sessions? In particular, I'm interested to know if camcorders will be allowed, but I'm curious as to the status of audio recording devices as well. Thanks for info (it helps me know how much stuff to lug along!).
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There is currently not much on your web site's schedule area. The headline text really doesn't offer much info so...

Where are your panels taking place? Could you add that to the schedule page?

Who is on these panels??
Sidekicks- The right hands of Good and Evil in Middle Earth
The Last Pages Are for You - Professional authors discuss getting published.
7:00pm - ATRC presents dramatic readings from the Hobbit
1:00pm - The Eagles Are Coming!
5:30pm - THE LURE OF THE RING: An Exploration of the Seductive and Destructive Power of Isildur's Bane.

What is Peter Beagle discussing?

Which panel is Anne Petty involved with? I don't see her name mentioned anywhere on the website's schedule.

It's only a bit less than two weeks 'til the con and we'd like to start doing some planning.

Thank you.
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May I ask.. what is the 'Evening at Bree', do you have to pay extra for it, and if so, how does one go about getting tickets?

There's no real information about it on the website yet

Thank you so much!
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The Track Website is live!

The Tolkien Track website is now live.  The forum is on hold until after this year's Dragon*Con however as everything was lost.  I decided that it was better to spend time working on the schedule and making this year the best ever, rather than spending time, reconstructing the track forum right now.

Feedback is appreciated.  Track t-shirts are coming soon so watch this space.

Tolkien Track Director