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Dragon*Con Tolkien Track
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hazelrah1 [userpic]
LotR Parade Group

Howdy folks!

I am the Parade liasion for the Middle Earth section of the Parade.
It will be very easy to spot me this year, as I will be Frodo-in-a-Wheelchair. I plan on being at the park at 9:30 with many costumed fans in tow. We have a main banner for the group, and please feel free to bring any flags/banners with your group's name on it, if you like.

As of right now, I have about thirty marchers on my list. Please let me know if I need to add you to my count.

The morning of the parade, we will gather at 9 AM in the Hyatt Lobby by the restaurant, to walk together to Woodruff Park. Please feel free to join us. :)

~Melissa (Fiver)


You can count me in this year. Call me at 8 if you would be so kind though to make sure I'm up. *grin* Last year, I caught the tail end of the parade as it disbanded in front of the Marriott. *sigh*


I didn't get a chance to do the 'Emo Baggins' costume, but may be able to pull something together. So I would like to participate as well. :)

I think you must already have me on your list. ;p